Meet the doter of Muscle Cars – Alpman Ilker

A Muscle car, as a Merriam –Webster dictionary defines it, is “any of a group of American- made 2-door sports coupe with powerful engines and high performance driving.” Some of the most common American muscle cars and the center of the life of many a car buff like Alpman Ilker, includes Mustang, Camano, the AMC Javelin, Corvette, the Charger, the Challenger and the Gran Torino.

The genre of muscle cars evolved in America in 1963 by Pontiac division chief John Z. De Loren, who decided to spice up the Pontiac a bit, even though he had to go against the norms of the GM corporate restrictions.

 The reactions however, were startling, seeing the end product of this new venture, most of the manufacturer’s in Detroit began creating their own muscle cars and there seemed to be a rage of these new road beasts.

The first ever muscle car was named the ‘Goat’ and it was, as mentioned earlier a Pontiac GTO; this was the car that broke grounds and managed to inspire even the competitors on the block. Next came the Dodge Daytona along with its twin the Plymouth Super bird and led to the legalizing of the aerodynamic bodies of NASCAR racing cars. The silhouettes of these muscle cars were remarkable and attractive as well.

The appearance of the four-wheeler of this category became so sought after that they even made their debut in Hollywood with the movie “The Fast and the Furious”. The Dodge Charger was the one that made to this world of glitz and glamour. The television too was not left behind, the show called ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ featured this beauty and carved a niche for all cars of this family in the hall of fame.

The growing popularity of the muscle cars created a buzz among all car makers and that is how the Buick brand too got enticed towards it and built the GSX. Plymouth wouldn’t in anyway sit back and watch, and it came with a bang with the Road Runner; the name came from the animated character the

Road Runner whose speed could never be matched by its rival the Coyote. The previously used 383 engine was replaced by a whopping 440 which guaranteed the acceleration of the muscle car to be the same as the cartoon.

The Ford too played its part in the car war and brought in the Ford Torino-Cobra which contained the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet Engines. A few other muscle cars that are worth a mention include Chevrolet Nova SS and AMC Rebel Machine.

The craze of muscle cars has since been a strong driving force for a lot of people like Alpman Ilker, who is the proud owner of a Ford Falcon 67. Despite being a family person, he dedicates a lot of his time to restoring his car and writing blogs to share with the world everything they would want to know about owning a classic muscle car.

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