5 Ways Technology Is Changing Training In Business Today

Business and technology are like peas in a pod.  One doesn’t really exist without the other, and tech is an essential building block for success in any industry.  In terms of training, technology is one of your most powerful assets.  

Start integrating tech from the very beginning, and utilize various tools available for onboarding, hiring, and training.  Here is a quick breakdown of a few ways in which technology can be used to boost your organization’s training efforts.  

Online courses and video training 

Though you have probably experienced video training in the past, the method of delivery is changing.  Employees used to sit in a room all alone without the ability to ask for help or more information.  

The last decade has brought about a more interactive and connected approach to video training in business.  The business has discovered that creating a blend of online video training and face-to-face interaction produces a more lucrative return on the investment.  

The integration of online access to training has expedited many licensing processes.  In Australia, truck drivers can be licensed in a day through an intensive training session found online.  

Virtual reality in training 

Virtual reality is the next big thing in business training.  The statistics on the use of VR for training purposes have skyrocketed over the past few years.  By the end of this year, virtual reality is expected to be a $15 billion industry.  

Numerous industries are employing the use of VR in their training regimen.  The medical community is using VR to train new surgeons as well as military battlefield medics.  

Incorporate micro-learning techniques

If you’re not particularly familiar with what is meant by “micro-learning,” pay attention.  Employees can utilize various microlearning opportunities when employers set up a way for training to occur in small spurts.  

Instead of being bombarded with tons of information in a long training session when they’re hired on, employees have the chance to upload brief videos or instruction sheets as they progress.  Tap into a podcast or instructional short to brush up on technical skills even years after starting a new position.  

Learning from others on message boards

Social media is a large part of today’s culture worldwide, and your business can benefit from the structure of the various platforms.  Create a discussion board for the professionals in your organization to bounce ideas and questions off of one another.  

Mobile learning in the field 

The time is upon us when online training doesn’t mean that employees are locked into a chair while sitting in front of a stationary device.  Mobile technology means that training can occur anywhere while employees are actually working out in the field.  

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