6 Old-People Cars That Actually Kick Ass

You may think that your grandpa doesn’t know how to choose a cool car, but you would be mistaken.  Old people may be… well… old, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great taste.  

Some of the fastest, toughest, and most excellent vehicles come camouflaged as “old-people” cars.  Take a moment to let us convince you, and check out a quick look at a few “old-people” cars that actually kick ass.  

Ford Escape

Ford did a good thing when they released the Escape.  At first sight, the Ford Escape looks like a tame SUV wannabe, but there’s power under the hood.  

The Escape comes standard with a six-cylinder engine and plenty of pulling power.  It’s fun to drive because it can go a lot of different places.  Pay no attention to the boring exterior, and take an Escape for a test drive.  

Subaru Forester

You have probably already heard of the dependability expected from a Subaru, and the Forester is no different.  It may look like the Forester was made for your granny, but you’ll want to drive this vehicle everywhere you go.  

Your family will be safe in the Subaru Forester too.  If mom or dad need a little extra care in their old age, the Forester will tend their needs while still being dependable and safe.  

Kia Forte 

The Kia Forte is a vehicle purchased by a large number of older people, but there’s plenty of fun to be had in this sporty little car.  

The Forte is a great car for teenagers just learning how to drive, making is a great family car.  The body of the vehicle is smaller than most, and the right colour makes for a flashy four-wheeled confidant.  

Chevy Monte Carlo

The Chevy Monte Carlo has a long history with a colourful reputation that most young people don’t understand.  

It may be an “old-people” car, but the Monte Carlo has power and performance abilities to blow some of the newest cars off the highway.  It’s a tough build that can get you from point A to point B in with style and speed.  

Buick Encore

Anything from Buick may not ring true to young ears, but there’s one model that begs a second look.  The Encore has lots of sitting space and a smooth, seamless ride. With added safety features, a young person would be lucky to drive such a sleek and stylish piece of machinery.  

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry also has the aesthetic you would consider for “older” people.  However, the Camry is a great vehicle for young people due to its stellar handling capabilities and manoeuvrable body.  The function of the vehicle is simpler than others as well, so your teenager won’t have an issue being distracted with buttons.

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