Guide to Buying Car Speakers

When buying a car speaker from Car Smart, it would help to know what to look for in a car speaker. That is exactly what this article is about. 

Music adds life to our driving experience so buying speakers is an important task. If you buy poor quality speakers, you will regret it for years to come. 

The following are the things you should consider before buying car speakers: 

Speaker Type

The first decision you will have to make is the type of speaker you want. There are two main types of speakers: component speakers and full-range speakers. 

Component speakers are specifically designed to provide better sound quality. They have separate speaker components so that they can be placed in different parts of the car i.e. separate woofers, tweeters etc. 

Full-range speakers, on the other hand, are packed into a single system. They produce a wide range of sound but of inferior quality to component speakers. They are simple to install and affordable. 

Sound Quality

You will have to select the sound quality of your speakers. Generally, the wider the range, the better the sound. 

Car speakers usually have a peak frequency of 20,000 Hz and a minimum frequency of 10 Hz. The sound quality of the speakers will also affect their price. 


The sensitivity of a speaker is the amount of sound a speaker produces based on the power it receives. 

If you have a car stereo system that is below 15 watts RMS it is considered to be low powered and you need car speakers with a high sensitivity range. On the other hand, if the car stereo is high powered (above 15 watts RMS), low sensitivity speakers would be best.

Power Handling

As the name suggests, power handling tells you how much power a speaker can handle. For a low powered system, the speakers do not have to have great power handling. 

A stereo system with powerful external amps will require car speakers that are as powerful as the amps. The crucial specification in power-handling is the maximum RMS power-handling, not peak power handling. 

2-Way or 3-Way

Two-way speakers only include twitter and a woofer. They are not very powerful speakers. 

Three-way speakers have a woofer, twitter and a midrange component. They are more powerful and have a higher frequency range. 

Build Materials

The materials used to build a speaker are very important. Different parts of the speaker are made from different materials. 

Rubber is the best material for surround speakers but it is expensive. The cloth is less expensive but still functions adequately.

Woofers that are made from light materials produce the best sound. The most commonly used material is polypropylene because its base sounds are very accurate. 

Tweeters are made from hard materials like metal, ceramics and graphite. For the fabric, tweeters are made from silk, textile or polyurethane that produces very warm sounds. 

You will have to check for all the above things when buying car speakers. Each is important and will affect your music quality when driving.

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