Popular Types of Off-Road Stunt Cars

Off-road stunt driving requires a car with the right touch – and a driver who knows the car inside-and-out. Some cars handle like a dream, and other cars handle like a spooked horse in bad weather. Here are some of the most popular types of stunt cars for off-road driving recommended by professional stunt drivers.

The Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria appears in many stunt driving scenes, including Black Dog (1998), Colombiana (2011), The Crow: Salvation (2000), Dance or Die (1987) and several appearances as the go-to cop car in Saturday Night Live – and it’s one of the best off-road stunt cars owing to its powerful engine, smooth handling and almost-infallible body construction. Production of this great car was stopped in 2011, but you can still find a lot of used ones for sale – if you can find someone who is willing to sell one; some collectors are very attached to theirs, and that’s just because it’s such a great little car.

Mini Cooper

The classic Mini Cooper was first introduced in the 50s, and it immediately caught the attention of drivers and racing drivers everywhere. Among many other appearances, it’s known for being the classic vehicle used in chases for The Italian Job (1969) – and of course, a few hundred movies after that as well as the 2003-remake. The car’s shape is one of its best qualities, making it perfect for off-road driving at serious speeds – and for turning tight corners or hitting ramps.

Toyota Corolla SR5 

The Corolla SR5 is the one that appears in the classic Bridesmaids driving scene – and it’s one of the best cars to take out for off-road stunt driving or racing around the track. It’s built like a tank, achieves impressive top speeds even when handling on rough roads – and some models were issued as four-wheel-drive at a time when most cars weren’t, so it’s built to handle anything. Plus, it looks cool – what more could you want in a car? 

The Renault Clio 

The Renault Clio is a comfortable little car that was first released in 1990 and has been pretty popular since its introduction. Unlike some other cars on this list, the Clio was issued in front-wheel-drive – but maintains an impressive grip on the road considering this. The Clio is currently in the fifth generation, but the older models are often more sought-after ones for off-road stunt driving.

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